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UPS power industry and strive to be

DATE:2019/6/24 14:43:49 HITS:262

With the economic development of science and technology, energy and environmental issues have become increasingly prominent, also requires the UPS industry to the development of "green, low-carbon" true green "low carbon" UPS power, however, the performance of the harmonic current electricity gridharmonic pollution, the UPS running high efficiency, and reduce wear and tear.
Low-carbon development is becoming a global trend, and is widely considered to be on a global scale is the only road to the future development of mankind. After the Copenhagen conference, the Chinese government has gradually introduced a series of "low-carbon" environmental policy measures, 2010 was dubbed the "low-carbon first year. With the changes in policy and consumer environment, "Green UPS" and "Green UPS technology become each leader in the UPS market competition for strategic high ground.
Energy and environmental issues in recent years has aroused great attention, energy and the environment has also become a popular topic, UPS reduce the generation of harmonic pollution and improve the machine efficiency of the unit has contributed not only to protect the environment and save energy, and will also provide users save a lot of electricity, and improve economic efficiency, which will further UPS "green, low-carbon" era demand.


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