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The instructions of the Alternator running Precautions

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Many mechanics are generator at runtime when the class do not need to check the generator own run it, but this is a big problem, do not appear such, this article on the generator running Some notes and share.
    Diesel generator start / stop
A manual test machine
The Alternator manually start: first test the alarm system to normal, the control switch is in manual (MAN) position, the Alternator can start their own.Generators parking: control switch of position to stop (STOP) or pressing the red emergency stop button to stop the run generators. Emergency can be directly pressed the emergency the parking button to forced outages. Pressed the red emergency stop button must revert to its original position, or the Alternator will not start.

Second, the automatic switching control
1, the control of the switch to automatic (AUTO), with Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) control switch must also be placed in the automatic position A · T · S will start when the mains stop signal given Alternator control system, the Alternator will automatically start.
Control open concern to stop (STOP), or remain in the automatic mains has been restored ATS that sent a stop signal Alternator that will automatically stop. Note: The required fault after failure to exclude the operation of generators, automatic shutdown fault (over-speed, high water temperature, low oil pressure, etc.) rather revert to the button pressed in order to prepare to restart.

     Pre-operation inspection
A visual inspection: engine external hurts, missing parts, screws are loose, the Alternator output line or the control line is whether the damage to loose.
Second, the fuel system:
1, the amount of fuel adequacy, wiring pipes if there is no oil spill or loose fittings (s), to exclude the air in the fuel system.
Lubrication system: engine lubricating oil is it enough? New primer celebrate streamers Wei, ruffian Wu, hate beer laugh mast  reinstall the engine overhaul after 50 hours of the initial operation must implement the following maintenance:
A, engine oil change.
B, cited celebrate the streamers replacement Wei hate beer laugh mast ruffian Wu  oil filter.
C, the engine diesel filter replacement.
Check and adjust the D tire valve clearance.
E, the inspection of the engine external screws.
Cooling system: water cooling radiator is it enough? Add a rust inhibitor.
Battery: battery electrolyte is in the normal liquid level? The voltage is correct? Connector for loose?
Charger is working properly?
Exhaust system: silencer without damage, the exhaust pipe is firmly mounted.
Crew around Do not keep flammable materials and debris.
Eight, Alternator room ventilation is good.
Nine, loitering, etc. Do not intruding into the room.

     Note the following operation
The AC ammeter: Biaozhen indicate whether normal switching current switching switch, measurement phase sequence phase current value, the difference between the phase sequence is preferably not more than 10%.
The AC voltmeter: Biaozhen instructions voltage is normal.
Hydraulic oil pressure gauge indicates whether in the normal range.
The charging table: the direction of the pointer is in the (+).
The water temperature gauge indicates the water temperature is in the range of the normal 65 ° C ~~ 93 ° C.
The tachometer: the number of revolutions of the engine is appropriate. (60Hz 1800 rpm)
Alternator engine with or without abnormal sound or vibration.


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