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Detailed introduction of diesel generator electronic governor

DATE:2019/6/24 14:29:32 HITS:205

This article will give a detailed introduction of the diesel generator products introduced, so that we understand the full range of diesel generators.
       The electronic governor is one of the key components of the diesel generators, diesel generator set will not work, change and does not match the design parameters of the governor when the the actual diesel generator load performance, you need to modify the governor the control parameter. In addition, the electronic governor in the factory before and after repairs are required performance tests, in order to set the appropriate control parameters to meet their regulation performance. Direct electronic governor diesel generatorparameter tuning, performance testing, maintenance performance after recovery is neither safe nor economical. The semi-physical simulation is an indispensable part of the governor before the actual with machine test, engineering idea is to build a dynamic simulation model of the whole operating range of diesel generator sets, constitute a closed loop control system connected to the input and output interface circuits and electronic governor relevant test of the performance test, thus completing the electronic governor.


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